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If These Walls Could Talk!


Over the years women have shared with us many reasons for their lingerie purchases. The intimate boudoir setting at our store, the giddiness of all the silk and lace, and the slumber party atmosphere make people drop their drawers, so to speak, discussing topics not ordinarily shared between strangers. There are so many reasons why women buy lingerie: first date, falling in love, getting married, getting divorced, having an affair, loosing weight, makeover, new boobs and the list goes on. Whatever the reason is one of the key benefits of lingerie is the ability to let you reinvent yourself. When women buy lingerie they are usually thinking only about their physical appearance-how to boost this or show that-but lingerie’s power to transform from the inside is what often makes the difference.


The Little Flirt


Where’s Your Flirt?

When a woman comes to our boutique and says, “I am not the type for lingerie,” we say, “There is no type.” Because, put simply, our philosophy is, Dress in a way that would make someone want to undress you. Even if that someone only exists in your imagination. We mean it!! Rather than hiding yourself, take what you’ve got and work it. The excuse that it’s not your thing ¬†just doesn’t work with us; there are simply too many styles to choose from.

The point is lingerie is supposed to make you feel fabulous however you define it. You can never tell what type of a woman is wearing what underneath. Let the adventure begin.

The Little flirt

La Perla Silk Tap Pant


The Frill Of It On Mother’s Day


On Mother’s Day, it has become a tradition to present your love and appreciation through flowers, jewelry or a nice dinner. Our take on Mother’s Day is to present her with something thrilling that will make her feel more secure not just as a mother, but also as a woman!

Lingerie is the upper echelon of personal gift-somewhere around jewelry, but more personal. Like foreplay, take it slowly with lingerie and work your way up. We promise she will appreciate your effort. Giving lingerie shows her you think she deserves to be pampered and spoiled with luxuries. We like to think that the thrill of lingerie may be responsible for many engagements, marriages and babies!

Remember unlike a romantic dinner, lingerie has no calories, and its effect lasts much longer. Lingerie = Happy Endings!

Lingerie for Mother's Day

Buying lingerie for Mother’s Day should be thrilling!