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Divided Issue


Summertime is here and the ladies of New York City have a special request for bras that will give them a fuller bosom AKA cleavage.

Let’s face it ladies, the valley can’t exist without the hills. And having cleavage requires a certain amount of material to work with. You simply can’t have natural cleavage with A cup – you need at least a B. But big breasts don’t guarantee cleft. It depends on the position of your breasts on your chest, since ¬†cleavage demands that your breasts be pushed together. Even plastic surgery cannot create cleavage. The good news is, cleavage can be a happy side effect of, you guessed it, wearing the right bra: a plunge bra that has crescent-shaped padding inside the cup or on the side to push the breasts into the center for the desired decollete.

For an exaggerated lift try the Gossard  bras from the UK!

Gossard, cleavage bras