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After Dark Gift Ideas

lingerie letter

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It’s the Holiday Season again, and it’s time to get sexy!  Gentleman and ladies, start your engines…because this gift guide is geared just for you. While a woman might feel temporarily lost or outnumbered in a sports bar, she’ll never stick out like a man in a hushed, high-end lingerie boutique. We are always so tickled every time a guy picks up a lacy little nothing and asks, “What is this…and how much did you say it cost?” In cost per square inch, lingerie is more expensive than real estate. It might seem extravagant to pay so much for things that are so small, but fabric content, craftsmanship, and country of origin are the details that count when it comes to lingerie. It’s safe to assume that lingerie she’ll really appreciate will often cost more than you expect, so get ready for sticker shock-especially if you’re the kind of guy who buys his boxers in a triple-pack for less than ten bucks. But what could fall higher on the romance continuum than giving a lovely little piece of nothing.

Ok let’s get started…with something sexy…

Sublime Assur, a sexy red bodysuit…comes with a lace mask and a lace necklace.

lise charmel sublime assur necklace

fleur du mal bondage
Celebrating Your Bonds! Try this naughty Lace Bondage set from Fleur Du Mal.
bracli body
Does she love pearls? This gorgeous lace bodysuit consists of a single string of Mallorcan pearls.
crave droplet
Are you craving something unusual? The CRAVE pleasure jewelry is exciting and unique.
book erotica universal
Sexy reads for after the dark. from Taschen

Ok let’s tame it down a bit…

wolford leonie tights
Wolford Sheer stockings with polka dots-stocking stuffer!
jimmy jane
This is one of our favorite sensual gifts. A soy-based massage candle that comes in four different scents.
A very simple , sexy chiffon black slip from Christine Designs
Evoke confidence and control in the Vanesa bustier by L’Agent
And if cotton is her thing, why not get her the best cotton in the world…Zimmerli

Happy Shopping!

Craving Attention


As we mentioned before we hear many naughty & interesting things here at La Petite Coquette. The latest chat is about…you won’t believe this one…MEN or should we say the lack of. According to our single, married, and in-relationship clientele the word is-there is a shortage of men! Not just a shortage, but if they have one they lack their attention. Gentlemen, gentlemen shame on you!


No need to worry ladies the modern world has provided us with some pretty sexy & amazing alternatives. Crave, Lelo, Jimmy Jane, Bracli, just to name a few of the leading brands in the intimate lifestyle products AKA SEX TOYS!  As the cold nights approach women are in need of pleasure and attention. Discreet, powerful, and chic the new innovative pleasure toys are designed to meet your needs.The sexy toys today can give you any of the following and more: oral pleasure, hit the g-spot with variety of modes and reach the right depth. Imagine, sexy beautiful little machines now perfect your climax possibilities. Not that we want you to replace the real thing, but these little wonders can act as the “fill-in” when the real thing isn’t around. You can be wearing a necklace that everyone compliments all day, but little do they know that those perfectly shaped droplets deliver a subtle  vibration. What about that black & gold USB drive (8Gb or 16Gb) that holds all your time sensitive data and hits all the right body parts. And then there is the NEW Bracli-G that proves that the G-Spot does EXIST! Hurray…finally things that rub you the right way.

bracli & g
Bracli-G, The G-Spot does EXIST!
Vesper, by Crave is a solid stainless steel pendant & a vibrator.
crave duet lux
16GB Duet Lux, by Crave add storage and get pleasure
craving 05
The Form 2, by Jimmy Jane. Two motors for twice the intensity! We had an 80 year old woman tell us this little wonder gave her the BEST orgasm!
craving 06
The ORA, by Lelo. Surrender to the most exciting oral pleasure imaginable.




5 Ways to Change up your Lingerie Dressing in 2014

With our unbridled passion for the world’s best lingerie, we’re always looking for ways to use beautiful underpinnings to enhance the wardrobe of the women who come through our door. What better time than the new year to pinpoint some fun, fresh ways that we see lingerie being worn? Below, a few ideas to pique your interest and perhaps inspire a resolution or two about experimenting with your look in and out of the boudoir.

1. Let your innerwear find its way out in elegant, unexpected ways

It seems that lingerie been a focus of every designer collection over the last several years, and naturally the fashion world is now looking for new twists on an old trend.

The high-waist brief has taken center stage among the fashion elite, meant to be seen under delicate, demure dresses and skirts. This fall, Dolce and Gabbana’s sirens rocked solid black bra and high-waist panty sets in the high-voltage, super sexy way that only they could:

via pinterest

Allowing just a flash of leg through beaded lace, Jessica Alba’s Elie Saab dress is the height of elegance and sex appeal worn over a black high brief:

via Pinterest

Intricate laces are still coming out on top for risk-takers like Lea Michele, who paired a beautiful lace bodysuit with a simple black empire-waist gown:

via Pinterest

At Valentino, collared menswear looks were softened by exquisitely delicate lace layered underneath. True vixens will follow the runway look and skip the bra:

via Pinterest

We love the place where corsetry and apparel interlace, and designers these days do too. How we love Adelaide Kane’s Rhea Costa corset dress from last year’s People’s Choice Awards:

via Pinterest

Costa’s designs often incorporate corset-style boning and the same stunning tattoo lace detailing that has been flying out of our shop for the last few seasons:

rhea costa black rhea costa blush and red dress rhea costa white tulle dress

2. Bodysuits are the key to a fuss-free lifestyle

They’re sleek, great for layering, never come untucked, and even the most basic bodysuit turns ultra-sexy when you have an audience for undressing.

black white bodysuit

geometric bodysuit

jonathan saunders bodysuit


altuzarra bodysuit  bodysuit ball skirt

3. The boardroom is best conquered in a pair of outrageous knickers.

A little hint when you need a boost before a big meeting: your final preparation should include a pair of racy underthings. Sounds crazy, but trust us: a bold, feminine underwear choice will translate to confidence in front of a room full of suits. And they’re perfectly spicy for whatever rendezvous you have planned after-hours.

msc cul nu panty msc villa des lys panty bracli culotte


lascivious sarah lou ouvert

4. It’s okay to keep secrets, as long as they’re in the form of sexy hidden details on your stockings.

Lingerie dressing doesn’t always have to be overtly seductive—you can stick to comfortable bra and panty basics and add intrigue to the look with your hosiery instead. We love Wolford’s Romance and Eyla styles, below. Both are classic-looking stay-ups with a surprise twist that remains hidden from sight until you’re ready to unveil.

Wolford Romance Stay-Up

Wolford Romance Stay-Up

Wolford Eyla Stay-up

Wolford Eyla Stay-up


5. Move over, silk and lace: latex is the new sexy.

Pop starlets have been all over this trend for a while now, but designers are beginning to introduce latex right alongside their demure wool and tweed creations. Oscar de la Renta’s spring collection featured a blue latex frock; the dress’ conservative cut and the suit jacket styling almost made us forget the racy material it’s made of.

Oscar de la Renta

Martin Margiela and Burberry also played with latex:

Maison Martin Margiela


We jumped on this trend early and are the exclusive New York destination for latex darling Atsuko Kudo. Her latest designs are racy and gorgeous:

Atsuko Kudo

Atsuko Kudo

If you have any fresh new ways you’re sporting your lingerie these days, we’d love to hear them! Leave a comment for us below or join us in the conversation on Facebook!

All images via Pinterest