Layering tips for freezing weather

January is the coldest month of the year and, so far, we’ve been getting our share of freeze in Greenwich village. So while choosing our warmest outfits, we’ll want to look feminine, not frumpy. Warm clothes and flirty style don’t have to be mutually exclusive if you follow our layering tips! Form-fitting tops with details peeking through your layers will show your style while you fight the frost. Let’s peel back our 3 ideas one by one.


Start with great quality layering pieces from Wolford, a brand that hails from Austria and carries a wide range of women’s intimates, like bodysuits. These are great for layering since it will keep you warm without adding extra bulk onto your body.

Tank tops and long sleeve undershirts

When it comes to layering, tank tops and long sleeve undershirts are your staple pieces for all seasons. You’ll want to keep these handy in your drawers, since they are so versatile and transition from warm to cold! Whether completely hidden or as part of a carefully coordinated multi-layered outfit, we’ve got some great options for you from brands like Zimmerli of Switzerland. Their lace-trimmed camisoles are very cute when peeking out from a chunky scarf.

wool / silk tops:

Wool tops with flirty silk or lace details around the neckline will also add allure to a layered cold-weather outfit. We carry Oscalito, a stylish clothing line from Italy, that features body contouring tops accentuated with beautiful detail. All pieces are made in Italy.

Zimmerli and Oscalito are arriving to our store and will also be available online shortly, so check them out!

Layering tips for cold weather

Oscalito-Wool & silk tops



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