Basic Instinct: Pointers for Putting your Best Breast Forward (and Tush)

While most of us associate lingerie with “special occasion”, you’ve got your girls with you 24/7 which means treating them with the respect and kindness that they deserve. Ladies, you must have your i’s dotted and t’s crossed before you are ready to play with lace, latex, and any lascivious actions that are sure to follow if worn correctly.

Having an ample supply of basic bras and undies will give you the boost, glow, and confidence throughout the week so when it’s time to bust out the cupless demi bra with sparkly pasties, it’s as comfortable as grocery shopping in your favorite spandex leggings.

Getting four to five basic bras in either 3 nudes, 2 blacks, 2 nudes, 3 blacks (color combination will vary based on what palate your outer wardrobe is comprised of) in which you rotate is essential. NEVER wear the same bra two days in a row as you’re literally wearing sweat, emotions, and stress which is never a good look.

Work + comfortable panties = productivity. Sport your most comfortable underwear when working. This does not mean Granny Panties. VPL (visible panty line) is a no no just like sticking your hand into the cookie jar. Make your nana proud by having seamless and smooth lines.

Just like your clothing should extenuate the body parts that you are most proud of (the ones you may or may not have gotten from grandma), your bra has the power to transform your entire physique. Get empowered, get uplifted, and get fitted to make your clothes look ALMOST too good to take off.

Betty White Calendar

Good things happen to those who don’t                                       commit VPL!


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