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After Dark Gift Ideas

lingerie letter

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It’s the Holiday Season again, and it’s time to get sexy!  Gentleman and ladies, start your engines…because this gift guide is geared just for you. While a woman might feel temporarily lost or outnumbered in a sports bar, she’ll never stick out like a man in a hushed, high-end lingerie boutique. We are always so tickled every time a guy picks up a lacy little nothing and asks, “What is this…and how much did you say it cost?” In cost per square inch, lingerie is more expensive than real estate. It might seem extravagant to pay so much for things that are so small, but fabric content, craftsmanship, and country of origin are the details that count when it comes to lingerie. It’s safe to assume that lingerie she’ll really appreciate will often cost more than you expect, so get ready for sticker shock-especially if you’re the kind of guy who buys his boxers in a triple-pack for less than ten bucks. But what could fall higher on the romance continuum than giving a lovely little piece of nothing.

Ok let’s get started…with something sexy…

Sublime Assur, a sexy red bodysuit…comes with a lace mask and a lace necklace.

lise charmel sublime assur necklace

fleur du mal bondage
Celebrating Your Bonds! Try this naughty Lace Bondage set from Fleur Du Mal.
bracli body
Does she love pearls? This gorgeous lace bodysuit consists of a single string of Mallorcan pearls.
crave droplet
Are you craving something unusual? The CRAVE pleasure jewelry is exciting and unique.
book erotica universal
Sexy reads for after the dark. from Taschen

Ok let’s tame it down a bit…

wolford leonie tights
Wolford Sheer stockings with polka dots-stocking stuffer!
jimmy jane
This is one of our favorite sensual gifts. A soy-based massage candle that comes in four different scents.
A very simple , sexy chiffon black slip from Christine Designs
Evoke confidence and control in the Vanesa bustier by L’Agent
And if cotton is her thing, why not get her the best cotton in the world…Zimmerli

Happy Shopping!