Monthly Archives: August 2014

French vs. American

August in New York City is quiet and calm before the busy Fall season begins. New Yorker’s are away, and the city is crawling with tourists from all parts of the world. For us, here at La Petite Coquette, we get quite the European following, especially the French. They can’t wait to come in here and check out the latest sexy, frilly, lacy lingerie trends. And so, our coquettes are busy helping and fitting the perfect bra or lingerie.

American women mostly want a very basic nude or black bra with an occasional sheer or lace (if they have a hot date or a private sex party to attend). French women, on the other hand, ALWAYS want a sexy lacy, or a sheer bra. We have tried to offer them a nude or black basic bra…”I would never”, they exclaim with confidence! So we wonder, why do so many American women shy away from the sexier bras,  and almost all French women wouldn’t be caught dead in what we consider an everyday “t-shirt” bra.

Is the American woman too conservative, too busy or too afraid to show off her sexuality? Or is it a stylistic choice; they want to have the seamless, “clean line” look. And the French; what makes the French woman so sexy and alluring, and so completely open to the idea of wearing silk, lace, ribbons and bows, as an everyday bra. Are European women more comfortable with their sexuality? Or is it simply that the American woman is more contemporary and less traditional? Hmm…what do you think, just a thought.