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In Her Drawers


A neat lingerie drawer is as much about sanity as vanity.

If you’re like most women, we bet your lingerie drawers resemble a tangled wad of straps stuck together like cold spaghetti left in the pot. It’s enough to make you crazy…or think you are! Besides the pretty picture a drawer full of carefully arranged lingerie presents, you’ll feel much more together if you know where to quickly find what you’re looking for. So, ladies may we suggest that you begin by disposing of lingerie that has outstayed its welcome. Then find a way to organize your stuff depending on your personal style. Think what you wear, how you get dressed, and what it is that slows you down when you’re racing around trying to get out the door. The other factor is space-something no woman has enough of, so think about what drawers to empty or bringing in some beautifully lined boxes.

Quick Guideline To Follow:

  1. Separate bras, panties, and al other categories into their own piles.
  2. Think inside the box-use drawer dividers and or bring in some beautifully lined boxes.
  3. Make it smell sweet-don’t forget to always have sweet smelling sachets in your drawers.
  4. Know how to fold’em!

Remember reaching into your underwear drawers is one of the first experiences you have each day. There’s no need for it to be a struggle.

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