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Sleeping Beauty: Catching ZZZ’s in Style

Regardless of whether you are using the bed for sleep or extra curricular activities, just because you are eventually going to be getting some shut eye does’t mean your partner is blind to what you’ll be wearing. Yes, it’s been a long day doing the daily grind (or after you’ve done the nightly one). You’ve ditched your skinny jeans in the hall way, ordered in from Seamless, and curled up with whatever your newest Netflix obsession is. On an ordinary night, your ratty sweatshirt from college and sagging bloomers is all you want to crawl into bed with. But, do both you and your loved one a favor and get some silky, soft sleepwear that feels amazing to the touch and even more delicious on the body.

Just because you might already feel sexy and poised in your outwear is no excuse for your bedroom attire to be lacking. In fact, it’s the one place in your home where you should feel the most comfortable and confident because it’s where you’re the most intimate and honest. Taking good care of yourself whether it being going to Pilates, drinking green juice, or paying your taxes on time should extend into your bedroom. That kind of self-care and love needs to flourish especially when lounging (with or without company).

Now, we’re not saying to put on a full face of make up with the Tammy Faye Baker eyelashes. Nor should you be teasing anything other then your sleeping buddy before getting ready to hit the hay. What we’re imploring is that you invest in lovely, soft, and simply divine sleepwear for you to catch your ZZZ’s in. Wearing a cotton camisole set with matching boy shorts is a great choice for getting into the routine of fashionable slumbering. It’s the perfect baby step to take especially if sleeping alone as it gets you comfortable slumbering in something stylish (before you have someone to fight over the comforter with). A lacy bralette with hip huggers is also another route to go if feeling a bit more naughty. If feeling feminine, we recommend a delicate chemise.  A nicely printed PJ set is a chic way to wake up in. You might as well look and feel your best when having your dreams because you never know when they might become real.

vintage retro pin up girlReading The Economist never looked sexier.


Bonsoir Coquettes

As bridal season is upon us and we’ve said retired Valentine’s Day for another year, doesn’t mean that those “special occasion” undergarments have an expiration date. Sure, there is always some hesitation when purchasing an exquisite and decadent bra. The usual question that crosses most women’s minds when trying on an elaborate undergarment is, “When am I ever going to wear this again?”

How about you show off that leather bustier underneath a blazer for a girl’s night out? Why not slither into that fire engine-red garter belt on a Tuesday morning and surprise your significant other before a day at the office? Just because the honeymoon might seem like a distant memory is just the reason to recreate the magic back in the daily-grind.

Remind yourself that the reason you splurged on that silk corset was because you are the “special” in “special occasion” and the only “occasion” you need to feel beautiful and confident is waking up every morning as your empowered self. So bust out that sheer silk baby doll for a cozy evening in or slip into a sleek body suit under a pair of jeans for an ultimate silhouette.
For an extra an extra splash of color, I’ve chosen Palais Royal 2 Part Cup 1371.

Allow the floral embroidery to peak out of a black tee V-neck for some extra oomph or wear with just a great pair of stilettos. Points for creativity.

Keep celebrating your beautiful selves!

Breast wishes,


Bonsoir Coquettes

While warm weather may seem like a far off fantasy (as well as Jon Hamm and Hawaii, let alone you with Jon Hamm in Hawaii), it’s never too early to take a peak inside your drawers (the furniture kind) to see what your bra and undie situation is.

As spring break is designed for R and R (and body shots in Cancun, but we’ll leave that one for the college kids), we’ve come up with the 4 R’s that you’ll need to get your lingerie wardrobe ready for when the scarves come off and the sunglasses come on.

1. Reassess: Round up all of your bras and undies into one, confined area. You want your undergarments to make you feel like the pretty, pretty princess you are so anything that is ripped, torn, tattered, and stained (think Cinderella before the glass slippers) gets the boot.

2. Retire: Saying “Ca Sara Sara” may seem like a death sentence for those beloved bras that got you through the past (fill in the blank) but alas, redemption is possible. For extra karma points and to gain full mitzvah status, we suggest donating all gently used bras to to combat human trafficking. Win win.

3. Restore: Women have been practicing the art of reinvention long before the Material Girl got on the scene. Stretched out straps can be replaced as well as eye hooks. Call to make an appointment with our Bra Doctor (Alternating Saturdays from 11:30am-1pm) to get a prognosis.

4. Replenish: After you have purged your closets of the bras of yesteryear, it’s time to restock and reward yourself for a job well done. Come on in for a fitting and pick up some new pieces for the woman you are today.

You can start by indulging in this week’s featured item, the Vendome Demi 1905. Supportive, sexy, and with chic embroidery for extra detail, it’s the perfect bra to transition from heavy knits to linen dresses.

Keep celebrating your beautiful selves!

Breast Wishes,


Basic Instinct: Pointers for Putting your Best Breast Forward (and Tush)

While most of us associate lingerie with “special occasion”, you’ve got your girls with you 24/7 which means treating them with the respect and kindness that they deserve. Ladies, you must have your i’s dotted and t’s crossed before you are ready to play with lace, latex, and any lascivious actions that are sure to follow if worn correctly.

Having an ample supply of basic bras and undies will give you the boost, glow, and confidence throughout the week so when it’s time to bust out the cupless demi bra with sparkly pasties, it’s as comfortable as grocery shopping in your favorite spandex leggings.

Getting four to five basic bras in either 3 nudes, 2 blacks, 2 nudes, 3 blacks (color combination will vary based on what palate your outer wardrobe is comprised of) in which you rotate is essential. NEVER wear the same bra two days in a row as you’re literally wearing sweat, emotions, and stress which is never a good look.

Work + comfortable panties = productivity. Sport your most comfortable underwear when working. This does not mean Granny Panties. VPL (visible panty line) is a no no just like sticking your hand into the cookie jar. Make your nana proud by having seamless and smooth lines.

Just like your clothing should extenuate the body parts that you are most proud of (the ones you may or may not have gotten from grandma), your bra has the power to transform your entire physique. Get empowered, get uplifted, and get fitted to make your clothes look ALMOST too good to take off.

Betty White Calendar

Good things happen to those who don’t                                       commit VPL!


Bonsoir Coquettes

Self-love is the new black. It’s the one statement piece you can’t do without this Valentine’s Day. Not only does it match with EVERYTHING (including that Union Jack skirt and silver platform shoes from that time you were looking to Ginger Spice for fashion inspiration), but looks stunning on it’s own and never goes out of style.

While decadent chocolates are devoured and red roses wilt, let’s try to keep the passion burning past brunch on the 15th. Love yourself this year by treating your wardrobe and body to some new bras. Because let’s face it, you have an additional 364 days in which you can adorn, spoil, and celebrate yourself. So pop into our store if you are in the neighborhood for a professional fitting or contact us online to build your confidence from the inside out.

I’ve chosen the LPC Silk X-Back Chemise to feature this week.

It comes in as many colors as Starburst flavors, is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes for both you and your partner, and highlights the best parts of being a woman.

We hope to see you on February 12th (6-9pm) for our very fabulous fashion show.

Keep celebrating your beautiful selves!

Breast Wishes,

LPC Silk X-Back Chemise


Mission Not Impossible: Picking Lingerie for your Lady

You don’t have to be trained in Black Ops or have “Bond” in your name in order to buy your lady lingerie for this Valentine’s Day. All that is required is some stealth, secrecy, and confidence and we’ll have you saying “Shaken, not stirred” in no time.

When she is at yoga class getting “centered” or being entertained by a Real Housewife in the other room, look in her undergarment drawer and take a gander. You will most likely notice when peaking at the sizes that they might not all be the same. Never fear as this is quite common as different brands size and fit differently. Just write down the most popular size (34 B for a bra and Medium for panties for example) and voila, you’ve annihilated unnecessary anxiety and any “Price is Right” style guessing.

Leave the scene of the crime just as you found it knowing this classified information will be vital when choosing your gift. Save the experimenting for when she is in the bedroom with you. While most women love surprises (especially those involving massages and macarons) it’s best to pick attire that she will feel her most sexy and confident in. While you might want to see her in a leather corset, she might opt for a sheer negligee. Pick lingerie that will make her glow both before and after it’s been tossed on the floor.

Our Coquettes are standing by for any questions or personal shopping you might want, so come into our store before as you now have less then a week to complete your mission. Good Luck!

Nothing gets a woman hotter then multi-tasking.
Nothing gets a woman hotter then multi-tasking.

Back rubs guaranteed or your money back!
Back rubs guaranteed or your money back!