Just Below the Surface


Why is it that so many women (including some famous ladies) are outwardly presentable and fabulous, but not so chic just below the surface.  As fas as we see it a woman has three layers: the inside, the outside and then the complex layer that sits somewhere in between the two. Lingerie is preciously this complex layer and it cannot be neglected! Bra & panty sets, bustiers, bodysuits,slips etc. anything you wear between you & the outside world should be and feel exquisite.  So, ready for a transformation?

lingerie 3

lingerie 4
Don’t underestimate the power of a white bra
lingerie 1
A garter belt can go under any skirt or a dress
lingerie 2
Always wear pretty panties
lingerie 6

Trick or Treat…Yourself


It’s almost the time of the year again when you have the perfect excuse to dress up however you please! Whether you’re going to the Halloween Parade here in NYC or you’re going to attend a fabulous costume party, this is the perfect time to visit a lingerie shop. Although, we always preach that you don’t need an excuse to wear lingerie we agree that this time of the year it can be much more creative.

Here are some ideas that include lingerie.

Gorgeous Stockings



A Corset Bra with a Collar Accessory
Latex-Our Favorite!



Inside Control


Just as you shouldn’t wear your gym socks with heels, don’t try to stuff a pair of regular panties under a dress. Unless you want to go commando, choose your underpinning based on your body type.

waist cincher

Are you looking for a: flatter stomach, smaller waistline, narrower hips, perkier bottom or a fuller bosom? The right undergarment can improve your figure under  that perfect outerwear piece.

dior couture

Dior Couture

elle magazine

Under bust waist cincher

la perla shape2

La Perla shapewear

high waist panty

High-waisted control panty, seamless.


A smooth push up bra with a bit of lace on the top


Wolford shapewear full slip



Mix It Up!


We are in the lingerie business, so it’s easy to say, but we really believe you can never have too much lingerie. You are a complicated woman who wants a lover to feel the anticipation as you slowly peel away the layers. Each time you take it off you reveal something new & exciting. Never be afraid to try something different…especially in the bedroom.

Innocent & Sweet

Innocent & Sweet


Femme Fatale – Your Wild Side



Playful & fun

Playful & Fun


Intimacy Issues


One thing we’ve learned in all these years dealing with half-naked females is that most women aren’t happy with the way they look. No matter what, there’s always something that makes us feel inadequate-we’re not thin enough, attractive enough, smart enough, rich enough, loved enough. Such image and self-esteem issues keep us from feeling positive about ourselves – or only feeling good when we get complimented or praised by someone else.

Intimacy 1

Though lingerie may seem like a frivolous indulgence to some, it’s actually a realistic way to control your happiness. When you buy lingerie that makes you feel better, you start to take life by the horns. Buying the right lingerie can physically transform you immediately and it’s cheaper than therapy! As far as we are concerned lingerie is therapy.

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