Celebrate Your Bonds


The time is almost here when the transition from summer into winter begins. The arrival of night is becoming noticeably earlier and the temperature is cooling down. So, we figure this is the right time to transition into something edgier for your bedroom.You by no means have to develop a taste for the rough stuff in order to bring a pinch of your dark side into the bedroom. Fetish-and-Bondage-Inspired intimates have graduated to the upscale market, which means that casual but intrigued consumers no longer have to go lurking in “adults-only” novelty stores in order to get their naughty fix.

Thanks to brands like: Bordelle, Myla, La Perla and even our NY favorite Hanky Panky, which all have tapped into the darker side of sex. Consider a sheer lace harness, a timeless lace up corset, a leather blindfold or latex stockings, all of which reflect the concept of control and role-play. All such costumes naturally tempt to experiment with your hidden power of seduction. It comes as no surprise that a woman get a significant confidence boost from wearing the right piece of lingerie. We’ve built our business on this fact! Confidence is sexy, and with that confidence comes, dare we say,control – the very inspiration behind bondage.

bonds 001

Leather harness

Slip Into Sleep


We think baggy, oversize T-shirts are the most unattractive things a woman can put on at the end of the day. How does a woman ever expect to get any attention in one of those unflattering rags? Men’s T-shirts are boxy and meant for men. Instead of his, wear your own, thank you very much, because if you’re going to wear a T-shirt, you better make sure it’s going to be cut to show off your assets.

If it’s that loose, breezy relaxed feeling you like, there are so many more beautiful options to make you feel feminine, pampered and good about yourself. Try a pima cotton chemise, or a cami & shorty set or even a sexy woman’s sleep shirt.

Some of our favorite brands include: Eberjey, Skin, Fleur’t, Zimmerli, Celestine and much more!

zimmerly tank

On The Job

Whether and when a woman wears pantyhose is often a matter of career, age, occasion, or season. A mother might advise her twenty-something daughter to wear pantyhose in order to appear professional on any type of job, while the daughter will argue back that she’ll look uncool if she’s trying to break into  a more relaxed or style-drive field like fashion. The bottom line is: women who work in business, law or other industries with conservative requirement almost always have to wear hosiery. So, the question is: How do women get the bare leg look? Good News! Some ultra-sheer styles are virtually invisible on the leg. Bad News: You may have to pay a little more for a perfect skin tone match, since less expensive brands are often limited in texture and color selection. To achieve the “nude look” always choose an ultra-sheer tone that is an exact match to your natural skin tone. Never go lighter, and never, ever wear cream or white – the lighter the color the wider the legs look.

We LUV Wolford hosiery…why? Because they offer so many different looks and tones. We are sure you will find the perfect match for your Fall/Winter office look.

office leg look


A Word For The Little Ladies

We know that many smaller-breasted women often wear undershirts or camisoles instead of bras, but these do nothing to enhance your natural assets. Even an A cup has needs! Ladies…it’s important to wear a bra to create a shape or cleavage for your outfit! It doesn’t matter that you’r e not aspiring for a bodacious bosom-your tissue and muscles need support so they stay firm.

While we can agree that there is something to that lusty, heavy bosom look, small-breasted women have the freedom to choose the times when they want boobage (padding) and the time they don’t. Trust us, plenty of  full-busted women would kill to be able to wear a camisole without extra support or even to wear one without feeling like there are two giant magnets on her chest attracting every set of male eyes. Also, breasts naturally head downhill as you get older, smaller breasts fare better in the test of time. Your blessed chest is low-maintenance; upkeep on big breasts is a lot more challenging. If all these reasons aren’t enough to make you grateful for what you’ve got, you can always fake it.

small bust woman

French vs. American

August in New York City is quiet and calm before the busy Fall season begins. New Yorker’s are away, and the city is crawling with tourists from all parts of the world. For us, here at La Petite Coquette, we get quite the European following, especially the French. They can’t wait to come in here and check out the latest sexy, frilly, lacy lingerie trends. And so, our coquettes are busy helping and fitting the perfect bra or lingerie.

American women mostly want a very basic nude or black bra with an occasional sheer or lace (if they have a hot date or a private sex party to attend). French women, on the other hand, ALWAYS want a sexy lacy, or a sheer bra. We have tried to offer them a nude or black basic bra…”I would never”, they exclaim with confidence! So we wonder, why do so many American women shy away from the sexier bras,  and almost all French women wouldn’t be caught dead in what we consider an everyday “t-shirt” bra.

Is the American woman too conservative, too busy or too afraid to show off her sexuality? Or is it a stylistic choice; they want to have the seamless, “clean line” look. And the French; what makes the French woman so sexy and alluring, and so completely open to the idea of wearing silk, lace, ribbons and bows, as an everyday bra. Are European women more comfortable with their sexuality? Or is it simply that the American woman is more contemporary and less traditional? Hmm…what do you think, just a thought.






In Her Drawers


A neat lingerie drawer is as much about sanity as vanity.

If you’re like most women, we bet your lingerie drawers resemble a tangled wad of straps stuck together like cold spaghetti left in the pot. It’s enough to make you crazy…or think you are! Besides the pretty picture a drawer full of carefully arranged lingerie presents, you’ll feel much more together if you know where to quickly find what you’re looking for. So, ladies may we suggest that you begin by disposing of lingerie that has outstayed its welcome. Then find a way to organize your stuff depending on your personal style. Think what you wear, how you get dressed, and what it is that slows you down when you’re racing around trying to get out the door. The other factor is space-something no woman has enough of, so think about what drawers to empty or bringing in some beautifully lined boxes.

Quick Guideline To Follow:

  1. Separate bras, panties, and al other categories into their own piles.
  2. Think inside the box-use drawer dividers and or bring in some beautifully lined boxes.
  3. Make it smell sweet-don’t forget to always have sweet smelling sachets in your drawers.
  4. Know how to fold’em!

Remember reaching into your underwear drawers is one of the first experiences you have each day. There’s no need for it to be a struggle.

simone perele lingerie