Craving Attention


As we mentioned before we hear many naughty & interesting things here at La Petite Coquette. The latest chat is about…you won’t believe this one…MEN or should we say the lack of. According to our single, married, and in-relationship clientele the word is-there is a shortage of men! Not just a shortage, but if they have one they lack their attention. Gentlemen, gentlemen shame on you!

craving 01

No need to worry ladies the modern world has provided us with some pretty sexy & amazing alternatives. Crave, Lelo, Jimmy Jane, Bracli, just to name a few of the leading brands in the intimate lifestyle products AKA SEX TOYS!  As the cold nights approach women are in need of pleasure and attention. Discreet, powerful, and chic the new innovative pleasure toys are designed to meet your needs.The sexy toys today can give you any of the following and more: oral pleasure, hit the g-spot with variety of modes and reach the right depth. Imagine, sexy beautiful little machines now perfect your climax possibilities. Not that we want you to replace the real thing, but these little wonders can act as the “fill-in” when the real thing isn’t around. You can be wearing a necklace that everyone compliments all day, but little do they know that those perfectly shaped droplets deliver a subtle  vibration. What about that black & gold USB drive (8Gb or 16Gb) that holds all your time sensitive data and hits all the right body parts. And then there is the NEW Bracli-G that proves that the G-Spot does EXIST! Hurray…finally things that rub you the right way.

bracli & g
Bracli-G, The G-Spot does EXIST!
Vesper, by Crave is a solid stainless steel pendant & a vibrator.
crave duet lux
16GB Duet Lux, by Crave add storage and get pleasure
craving 05
The Form 2, by Jimmy Jane. Two motors for twice the intensity! We had an 80 year old woman tell us this little wonder gave her the BEST orgasm!
craving 06
The ORA, by Lelo. Surrender to the most exciting oral pleasure imaginable.
craving 02
Ok ladies no more crying about those lonely nights…give yourself pleasure.




One Never Knows What One Wears Underneath


Specialized small stores are always the first ones’ to spot a new trend. Although, this particular trend has been on its way up for few years we have noticed the demand increase this past year. We have a very distinguished clientele shopping with us and you just never know what one wears underneath. Imagine a Carnegie Hall violinist wearing a latex shelf bra underneath her conservative black dress while she performs. Or a very straight schoolteacher wearing a leather harness underneath her Armani suit. From the shoes to the headwear the fetish codes have become more and more visible in our everyday lives. The codes are in the cuts, the finish details, and the unique and creative ways of using luxury fabrics. The word  fetish is no longer scary and taboo, in 2014 fetish is all about embracing something new and different and not being afraid to give in to your desires.

fetish-zana bayne

Zana Bayne Leather strappy dress

fetish 01

fetish 03

fetish 04

fetish 05

fetish 07

fetish 08

fetish 09jpg


Dressing For Boudoir

The fine art of beauty and sensuality lies in the perfect Boudoir photograph that captures your essence and sexuality for that very moment. This very moment will never be again, so it’s important to choose the perfect attire for such a special occasion that will inevitably be stripped off and tossed aside once the photograph has been exposed. A great boudoir photo requires several key elements: a good photographer, positive and sensual attitude, a sexy setting, and most of all the right lingerie! Trust us on this we have done many sexy photo shoots here at La Petite Coquette and have assisted many famous stylists and movie stars for that perfect lingerie photograph…let’s just say our clients trust us when it comes to lingerie.

Here are some lingerie pieces that have been Boudoir Proof Tested:

boudoir 1
Start out simple: a black bra, panty & a garter belt set with sheer black stockings and a sexy pair of high heels
boudoir 2
Every good photographer will take few B&W photographs, so make sure you wear something with lots of texture and contrast.
boudoir 3
Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories! A chain or a beaded harness always adds a little something to the photograph.
Style: "101109_CHA_03"
A lace eye mask or a blind fold is a must!
boudoir 4
Play it safe & romantic, show off your sweeter side with neutral tones and floral lace.
boudoir 6
Not so sweet? Well then take charge in a latex ensemble by Atsuko Kudo
fran true love 006
Last, but not least wear something that will make you feel sexy, but comfortable. Remember that a good photograph can capture beyond what what one wears, it’s the story that you never tell.


Just Below the Surface


Why is it that so many women (including some famous ladies) are outwardly presentable and fabulous, but not so chic just below the surface.  As fas as we see it a woman has three layers: the inside, the outside and then the complex layer that sits somewhere in between the two. Lingerie is preciously this complex layer and it cannot be neglected! Bra & panty sets, bustiers, bodysuits,slips etc. anything you wear between you & the outside world should be and feel exquisite.  So, ready for a transformation?

lingerie 3

lingerie 4
Don’t underestimate the power of a white bra
lingerie 1
A garter belt can go under any skirt or a dress
lingerie 2
Always wear pretty panties
lingerie 6

Trick or Treat…Yourself


It’s almost the time of the year again when you have the perfect excuse to dress up however you please! Whether you’re going to the Halloween Parade here in NYC or you’re going to attend a fabulous costume party, this is the perfect time to visit a lingerie shop. Although, we always preach that you don’t need an excuse to wear lingerie we agree that this time of the year it can be much more creative.

Here are some ideas that include lingerie.

Gorgeous Stockings



A Corset Bra with a Collar Accessory
Latex-Our Favorite!